Kern County Animal Services

Welcome to the Kern County Animal Services’ on-line dog licensing program.  We are happy to provide this service for dog licenses issued for dogs living in the unincorporated areas of Kern County.  If your dog has a license issued by the City of Bakersfield, City of Shafter or any of the other incorporated city (except Tehachapi) you will not be able to use this program.  Please contact your respective city’s animal control department regarding renewal information.

Licensing your dog with Kern County Animal Services is simple and easy.  If you are unable to utilize this system for your license, you can purchase your dog’s license through the mail, at one of our office locations or at one of our monthly or weekly low-cost clinics.

If you qualify for the senior discount, please mail in your required documents along with your proof of age.

The following information is required to process your dog's license:

  Valid credit card number - VISA or Mastercard ONLY  
  Your mailing zip code  
  If you are renewing your dog's license, you will need the current dog license number, which starts with the letter “L” and your “P” number (both of these can be found on your renewal post card. You can also e-mail and request these numbers).  
  A valid email address  
  The date of the dog’s current Rabies vaccination  
  The name of the Veterinarian that administered the vaccination  
  Please upload or fax (661-868-6998) the Rabies certificate  
  Please upload or fax (661-868-6998) the dog’s spay or neuter certificate  
  If you are requesting a Senior Citizen Discount, please upload or fax (661-868-6998) a copy of your ID  

Please be advised that the dog license will expire the same date that the Rabies vaccination expires.   For example, if your dog’s current Rabies vaccination expires on October 1, 2012, your new dog license will expire on that date also, regardless if you pay for a one year or three year license.

Click on the link below to begin the on-line dog license process.  If you have questions, please contact our office at 661-868-7100 during regular business hours.  Thank you for choosing to be a responsible pet owner.

If you live in an incorporated city (except Tehachapi) you will not be able to use this program. Please contact your respective city's animal control agency regarding licensing information.